Movedo - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Movedo - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme v3.4.2

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Your moment to shine has arrived!!! MOVEDO is a creative and multi-purpose WP theme masterfully handcrafted for nothing less than awesomeness. It literally sets in motion a series of new features, such as ultra-dynamics parallax, radical safe button, super-crispy moldable typography, and immaculate future-proof device style to break free from the tyranny of sameness. Whether general or specific-purpose websites, corporations, freelancers, agencies, photographers, designers, bloggers, you name it, MOVEDO breaks the mold, adjusts to your creativity, and rocks the world of users for you to become peerless in the most competitive times ever.

Ultra-Dynamic Parallax for your columns – UNIQUE
MOVEDO justifies its name by introducing motion dynamics in columns. Scroll or move your mouse and the whole world does move. One needs to be fearless to become peerless.
  • Vertical Parallax
  • Mouse Move X and Y
  • Mouse Move X
  • Mouse Move Y
Amazing Clipping animations in columns & specific elements – UNIQUE
MOVEDO in version 2.0 introduced the clipping animations in columns and in some specific elements (title, image). Check the Creative Corporate demo to have an idea!
  • Clipping Up
  • Clipping Down
  • Clipping Left
  • Clipping Right
  • Colored Clipping Up
  • Colored Clipping Down
  • Colored Clipping Left
  • Colored Clipping Right
17 Handcrafted, Detailed Websites
Besides the endless possibilities, homepages and pages, Movedo comes with 17 detailed case studies. Get inspired for your next web site.

Define the Positions for your columns – UNIQUE
Arrest everyone’s attention through eye-catching moving columns. Change columns’ position and showcase works beyond linear structuring.
  • Top Position
  • Bottom Position
  • Right Position
  • Left Position
  • Z-index
Radical Safe Button – UNIQUE
Brand new, evolved, and revealing safe button at your service to entice your customers and facilitate users’ navigation.

Manipulative Typography – Super-Crispy Moldable Typography – UNIQUE
Fed up with fixed and unbendable typographies? MOVEDO breaks the mold and clears one more hurdle to personalized impeccable texts.
  • Standard Fonts
  • More than 600 Google Fonts
  • Font Uploader
  • Incredible responsive control for your typography
Header Layouts with various options for each one of them.
  • Default Layout
  • Logo on Top
  • Side Navigation
  • Split Menu
  • Hidden Side Navigation
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