[Giveaway] Win A Free iMac by Divi BLACK FRIDAY


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Nov 5, 2020
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Win A Free iMac We Are Giving Away A Brand New iMac!
The Divi Black Friday sale is going to be absolutely amazing, but we still have a few weeks before the big day arrives. In the meantime, we decided to do something special while we wait! We are giving away a brand new iMac to one lucky winner. It's the big one with the fully loaded base specs and the huge 27 inch 5k retina display. Entering to win is free using the form below. The more raffle tickets you submit, the better your chance of winning!

Everyone who participates in our Black Friday sale will get a free bonus prize from the Divi Marketplace! That includes new Divi customers and current customers who renew their membership or upgrade their membership to Lifetime.

It’s really worth it set that calendar reminder because we are giving away these free prizes in batches and they won’t last long. They are all in limited supply and they are going to disappear very quickly, some within minutes, others within hours, and by the end of the weekend they will all be gone, so head over to the countdown page to reserve your spot and make sure you get your favorite prize.

Win An iMac For Free Right Now!
So Black Friday is coming on November 27th, but that still leaves 4 weeks before the big day, so we decided to do something special and host a giveaway while we wait. We are giving away a free, brand new, 27inc iMac to one lucky winner. Entering the giveaway is completely free and the more free raffle tickets you enter, the better chance you have to


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