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Dec 8, 2020
Hi everyone,
If you are looking for to get this YouTube Artist Verified Icon, this post is for you. This icon is for YouTube Music channels, and especially for individual music creators. However, there are many music channels that reupload others work. My method works for both individual and reuploading channels.

You can’t take this icon directly from YouTube, you need to use third-party YouTube certified company. There are actually many : CD Baby, Tune Core, Distrokid and etc. They will charge you a fee (annual fee or per upload) based on the platform. I have been using Distrokid for more than 2 years now and I am happy with them. Distrokid is the cheapest one for $20 for 1 year.

Honestly, I have tried this method 3 times, and it worked and still working. I will explain below steps how to get Artist Icon:

  1. Sign up to CD Baby/ Distrokid/TuneCore
  2. Upload 3 audio tracks via Distrokid to Youtube/Google (upload them seperately)
  3. Wait 2-3 days for Distrokid to upload your music to YouTube
  4. Connect YT channel to your Distrokid account

  1. You need to give access to Distrokid to your YT channel linked google account. They don’t scam you, they are certified YouTube partner. Don’t worry
  2. Choose one artist for 1 sign up, if you are reuploading YT channel. If you have 3 music channels, don’t connect them from one account. Unless you are licensing them.
  3. Do little bit of research about ISRC, UPC, label, album, tracks. That will benefit you in the future.

*** Disclaimer:***

If you are reuploading YT channel, don’t upload music tracks more than 3-5 to YouTube/Google via these platforms. Don’t upload music tracks that are already on YouTube Music, not YouTube, YOUTUBE MUSIC. If you mess up with them regarding copyright ownership policies, they ban you and your channel get into “blacklist” on YouTube.

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